Brag Board

Everyone loves looking at pictures of nice stones, right? If you’ve got some good pics of a sapphire you found in The Gemfields send them in and we’ll put them on the Brag Board.

(They don’t have to be just from Fascination’s Tag-along tour with Keith… any whopper found in The Gemfields is of interest! And, sometimes, it’s not size that is important!)

The latest additions to the Fascination Brag Board:

  • 3.97ct Piece of Magic! Everyone likes looking at a nice stone, right? Here’s a gem you might enjoy… Found by Brett from Port Macquarie in June 2014 (a 2500km round trip… he must enjoy the Central Queensland sunshine!), this beauty must be one of the best stones found this year. (click on the image for a closer look) Here are some technical details from the cutter (Fascination Gems’ own Dave Bezett)… Finished size: 3.97ct.  Because the rough was very deep added an extra 16 culet facets.  For the technically minded, on the pavilion main facets 50 degrees, girdle 54 degrees, culet 42 degrees.  Crown mains 39 degrees, stars 24 degrees, girdles 46 degrees. (click on the image for a closer look) What’s it worth? Conservative estimate… $6000 – $8000. Not bad, and surely worth a little fuel money and sweat on the willoughby. Well done Brett!