Dig Your Own Sapphires!

Self-Drive Day Tour
for the Serious Gem Fossicker

at Sapphire, Central Queensland


organised by
Fascination Gems & Crystals
72 Keilambete Road, RUBYVALE Queensland 4702 Australia

For prices, enquiries & bookings telephone:
(07) 4985 4675  or 0407 854 676

As many buckets of “wash” as you can dig and process!

Be prepared for this unforgettable highlight of your visit to the Central Queensland Gem Fields. You will experience first hand the unforgettable thrill of digging and finding Sapphire in it’s natural state. Dig, Sieve, Wash and Inspect your very own diggings under expert tuition from an experienced underground and surface Hand Miner. We supply all the equipment and water to enjoy a lifetime experience.

There are no restrictions on the number of buckets you dig. You work at your own pace and keep everything your find. Stop for a “Smoko” and have a chat, we supply tea and coffee boiled on the campfire. Our price includes all of the above.


Dig your own and learn how to identify the alluvial gravel bed that (may!) contain sapphires (the “wash”)

What YOU supply is:

  • Your own transport to and from the digging site (usually about 20km away)
  • Your own food and drinks (bring plenty of water)
  • Your Sunhat – Sunglasses – Sunscreen blockout – Insect repellent.
  • Wear your OLDEST cloths (this is no fashion parade – you will get your hands and clothes a bit dirty).
  • Wear Enclosed Footwear (no thongs).

Our expert Miner, Keith, is always nearby to answer any questions and to help you identify your gems from the rest of the was. You will learn valuable tips from an experienced miner on how to look for a good site to dig and how to correctly wash and identify.

Keith shows you how to use a “trommel” to separate the fine gravel wash from larger stones.

As with any Self Drive Tour, you are the boss of your own time. Stay as long as you want and leave when your want. There are no obligations to be met. Upon leaving with your day’s reward you are more than welcome to call in to see Dave at the Fascination booking office where he will spend time with you for an on-the-spot detailed inspection, under powerful lights  and magnifying lenses, to accurately advise you on cutting and facetting of your stones… turning them into truly valuable mementos of your day’s work.

Clean the concentrated “wash” using a Willoughby

Your tour will take you to the truly peaceful setting in the bush where you know the wash you dig is virgin. Keith will teach you to identify where to dig, to screen & sieve your wash. You will learn valuable secrets for your next expedition with your friends or on your own. We can hire you all the right equipment you need for your own expeditions and can give advice on areas to dig.  Remember, we are not a “theme park” and there are NO facilities on the field, nor do we charge a “per bucket” price.

Fascination are the originators of Self Drive Fossicking Tours in this area.

Flip you sieve, and…

The reveal!!! Have you found any sapphires? Again, the expert tutelage of Keith will help you find and identify sapphires — and tell the difference between sapphire and plain ‘ol rocks 😉

Our Self Drive Tour takes you to the Glenalva Fossicking Area, approximately 20km west of Anakie, but you’ll meet up with Keith closer to town and he’ll show you the way. You may be interested to read an information sheet about Glenalva prepared by the Queensland Department of Mines & Energy.




Of course, it’s not all hard work… Relax in our luxurious “smoko lounge” for a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit.


Self-Drive Day Tour
for the
Serious Gem Fossicker 

organised by
Fascination Gems & Crystals
72 Keilambete Road, RUBYVALE Queensland 4702 Australia

For prices, enquiries & bookings telephone:

(07) 4985 4675

or 0407 854 676

Email: fascgems@bigpond.com

NOTE: As you are digging on a Designated Fossicking Area a Fossickers Licence is also required. These are modestly priced and easily obtained from a number of agents on the Gemfields, or from the Department of Mines & Energy in Emerald.


To give you a taste of what to expect, a couple from Germany made a short video when they came on the Fascination digging tour recently…

Digging New Ground!

If you’ve been out with us in the past… come again! As of mid 2014 we’re digging a new location in the Glenalva fossicking area… here are a few photos to give you a feel for the place and the experience. See if you can spot the sapphire… no, it isn’t too hard!

ST.7ST.3ST.2 ST.4 ST.5 ST.6


So why not join Keith and dig your own? It will be an experience you will never forget!